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Indoor Atrium, Manlift Rentals, or Electric Boom Rental With 95' Working Height

With working heights of 66' or 95' these ReachMaster atrium Manlift rentals enable access through a single door for indoor maintenance.


Innovative Reach rents Atrium Lifts (Boom Lift, Manlift) which have unique technologies that fit through a standard 34″ door and reach heights up to 66′ or 95′ with a horizontal reach up to 30′ or 45′ respectively. This rental service includes commercial applications, provides an OSHA trained ground operator and serves the entire continental United States. Ask about our Extended Reach Program to find out how you can save up to two-thirds on transportation costs.

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Our indoor manlift rentals include advanced wheel-based vs track-based atrium lifts, which work very well indoors on a variety of sensitive surfaces.


"Philip is now our operator of the University of Iowa 95’ man lift. His knowledge of the equipment and required inspections is a huge benefit. Our man lift was out of service for a few years and Philip was a great source to assist with getting the lift repaired and assuring operation was correct. We have used Innovative Reach to operate our man lift and use their lifts for a variety of work and are very happy with their performance and customer service."

Louis Galante, University of Iowa, A member of APPA

"The University of Northern Iowa's Physical Plant has used the services of Innovative Reach this year as well as two years ago to accomplish two very difficult repair tasks. The first one in 2015 was for the repair of a sprinkler head that had burst open over the wooden stage area of the Gallagher- Bluedorn Performing Arts Center. The second one was this year to repair loose skylight trim in the Atrium of Sabin Hall. Neither project could have been completed as efficiently and cost effective without Innovative Reach and their specialized man lift rentals."

Gary Saak UNI, Physical Plant O&M