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Indoor Atrium, Manlift Rentals, or Electric Boom Rental With 95' Working Height

With working heights of 66' or 95' our ReachMaster atrium Manlift rentals enable access through a single door for indoor maintenance.


Innovative Reach rents Atrium Lifts (Boom Lift, Manlift) which are unique in that they fit through a standard 34″ door. 

Our man lifts can reach heights up to 66′ or 95′ with a horizontal reach up to 30′ or 45′ respectively.

Our man lift rental services are perfect for commercial applications. We provide an OSHA-trained ground operator and serve the continental United States.

Ask about our Extended Reach Program to find out how you can save up to two-thirds on transportation costs.

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Single Door Accessibility
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Innovative Reach Lift
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Our indoor manlift rentals include advanced wheel-based vs track-based atrium lifts, which work very well indoors on a variety of sensitive surfaces.

Lift Technical Features