We are going to talk about three major types of indoor manlifts here so that after having read this article, you have a thorough preliminary education about indoor manlifts. Consider this Manlifts 101. Who needs to know the ins and outs of manlifts? Construction professionals who work in areas with particularly high ceilings, as well as commercial and residential painters can benefit from this know-how.

What is an Atrium Manlift?

Atriums are a type of manlift designed to reach high areas that are also narrow in width. These types of equipment are generally lightweight, as well as compact in order to fit through small spaces. They can be single or double jib. Additionally, the fanciest atrium lifts will come equipped with onboard diagnostics, eliminating the need for two-way radios. They reach especially high, much higher than man lifts or booms.

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Renting a Cherry Picker
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What is an Indoor Manlift?

Manlift is a term that refers to contracting equipment that encompasses both atriums and booms. When this equipment is described as a manlift, it generally means that it is of standard height and size. 

This is in contrast with an atrium which, as a type of manlift, is taller in height and is meant for narrow spaces. Manlift is an umbrella term meant to describe a broad category of equipment. Additionally, manlifts are usually mounted on a small piece of mobile equipment resembling a car. The cherrypicker portion of the manlift sits low to the ground, rather than high up.Here is a listing of the various boom lift machines with brief descriptions that you can purchase depending on your needs.

What is a Boom Lift?

Boom is a term sometimes used to define the part of indoor manlift equipment between the mobile vehicle component and the cage component. It is also a term that refers to a truck that is used to hoist material up to a higher location. 

A boom is a bit fancier than a manlift because it has the ability to attach to work trucks or other construction vehicles. Additionally, the jib arm extension on a boom can move on a number of planes. Boom platforms are larger than manlift or atrium platforms. The contractor can move around more freely on a boom platform. A boom lift rental may allow the contractor the ability to move more freely both within the workspace and within the platform itself.

When do you need a Man Lift Rental?

There are certain considerations that must be made when deciding upon which type of man lift rental a company wants to use for working on a project. For remodeling projects within a house that has very high ceilings, the contractor is likely to employ an atrium rental. 

In a project where the contractor has to haul a large amount of material from the ground floor to an elevated location, it would be preferable to opt for a boom lift rental. A man lift rental will be utilized when there is basic work to be done lifting material from the ground floor to a moderately elevated surface or when there is simple work that needs to be done on a second floor or third-floor elevation.

 Additionally, the consumer has the option of choosing a scissor lift rental. This is much like a standard manlift, but it is lifted only straight up off of the ground floor. This type of lift may be used when a substantial amount of product needs to be transported to a higher elevation. A scissor lift rental is a good option for simple work. This option is also more cost-effective than renting say a boom or an atrium.


Renting A cherry picker

We rent advanced wheel-based vs track based Atrium lift which work very well indoors on a variety of sensitive surfaces.

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