Renting a Cherry Picker Man Lift

A cherry picker, also known as a man lift, a basket crane, or a boom lift, is a hydraulic machine used in the construction industry to lift workers to high places. It has a guard-railed platform that enables you to work on various parts of the building, including repairing lights, heating units, install appliances, leaking roofs, and any other mechanical issue at elevated heights. With the guard rails, a cherry picker is safer than scaffoldings and ladders. Nothing beats renting a cherry picker because of its flexible physical features. In this article, you will find the most important reasons for renting a cherry picker? 

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Safety first when renting a cherry picker!

Compared to scaffoldings and ladders, the machine can reach soaring heights. It can stretch up to a staggering high height of 150 ft. Even if you are the most daring contractor, you will not mount a ladder that high. Besides instability, you will be risking broken limbs and digging your grave early.

Cherry pickers come in different models. Small ones will be perfect for indoor tasks like servicing small buildings where ladders cannot be used. Such areas include the ceiling in halls and classrooms. There are boom lifts that reach heights of up to 150 feet. You can set these up and move around the site with comfort and convenience.

Before you hire a lift, it is essential to consider the area’s height to be worked on from the ground to pick the correct machine. Working with a cherry picker requires that you get special licenses for both the machine and its operator. Do not overlook those as they vary with the state you are in; however, the operator must be adequately trained and certified. Check on the efficiency of the workforce to reduce the risks involved.


Renting A Cherry Picker Man Lift

Besides certifications and licenses, a cherry picker operator should operate the machine controls with ease and be conversant with the machine’s safety features. Carry out a thorough safety and risk assessment to find out the risks involved with the task. These include safety and emergency measures. Check on the safety equipment that accompanies the machine. Understanding the standards helps in the events of emergency.

Before pulling the lift to the site, assess its safety and loading capacity. Knowing the kind of environment where the manlift is going to be used is crucial. If you are going to work in an occupied building, then the risk is more significant. Uneven ground, falling objects, the presence of power cables, ventilation, among others, are some of the things you should check out before the actual work begins. Familiarizing yourself with the site will help you to maneuver your cherry picker around.

Renting a Cherry Picker

Why Renting a Cherry Picker is best?

If you have tasks that require a manlift, opting for a cherry picker rental other than setting up ladders and scaffoldings is advisable whenever you want to reach a high-risk height.The advantages that come with the man lift rental include;

1. Comfortable Access

A cherry picker will help you perform tasks at great heights with both hands comfortably. If you use other methods, you will be required to support yourself with one hand and work with the other one. That will slow your performance and increase fatigue.

 2. A Manlift Rental Will Save You Time And Money

Setting up ladders and scaffolding consumes your valuable time and increases the cost of labor. When you are done with one point area to another, adjustments require that you dismantle scaffolding or the ladder and move it to the desired spot. That wastes time and need that you employ labor to do reset.

 With a cherry picker, you move to the point that you need to work on. You will only require one operator to move it. Also, renting a manlift is cost-effective than buying because it eliminates the cost of maintenance and long-term debts.

 3. Cherry Pickers Are Mobile

Cherry pickers are flexible and have wheels to move around. It is possible to communicate with the worker through an operator whenever he is done with a task. The operator moves to another point until the job is completed. That covers a large area, and descending is done only after finishing work. The machine is also flexible to reach places you cannot get with a ladder, for instance, on bends and corners.


 4. The Machine Minimizes The Risk Of Accidents.

Accidents and death as a result of falling over from ladders and scaffoldings are common. With a man lift, the guarded rails minimize that. Tools like hammers and pliers cannot drop off and hurt passersby as the platform’s floor are well secured.

 5. With Cherry Pickers, You Can Reach Very High Heights

Greater heights are a challenge to all constructors. Sometimes, you are required to perform a very delicate emergency task. Without a cherry picker, it is tough to reach the higher floor of a commercial building. None of the other methods will work except employing the services of a cherry picker. You will reach the right place without inconveniencing the occupants of the building. The machines come in different models where you can choose depending on the height that you want to work on.

 6. Setting The Machine Is Easy And Tidy

Setting scaffoldings and ladders in a commercial building that is fully occupied can be very clumsy. Getting a manlift rental will be easier and faster than any other set up. Although a work in progress notice that there is ongoing work on the building is essential, you will not need to displace people to accomplish your tasks. The occupants will go on with their businesses as usual.

Renting a Cherry Picker Man Lift in Iowa?

When renting a perfect cherry picker, it can be an uphill task for you. Many companies offer cherry picker rental, but Innovative Reach stands out among them. The firm was founded in 2003 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is a leading and recommended manlift and atrium rental company in America.

The firm offers a simpler and more efficient choice than the conventional scaffolding and ladder method. Innovative Reach will get your job done within your timeline. Their machines are up to standard with re-calibrations and renewal of certifications annually. What that means is that the firm is very keen on the safety standards of its machinery. You will find various cherry pickers at the Innovative Reach parking yard, some reaching as high as 138 feet.

What’s more interesting is that there are no extra costs and inconveniences of recruiting an operator. The company provides you with an OSHA-trained operator. OSHA is short for Occupational Safety and Health Act. Atrium lifts are supposed to be operated by OSHA compliant individuals. OSHA-trained operators know all the control and safety mechanisms of such machines. If you or your workers are not familiar with such machinery’s operation, that is an added advantage in your workers’ cost and safety.

Besides the trained operator, are the unique designs that come with the cherry pickers. Each design varies with the nature of work it performs. There are spider lifts, narrow lifts, boom lifts, and crawler lifts (compact lifts). Each of these will allow you to access all the points you need to work on with minimum intrusion. Innovative Reach lifts can fit through narrow entrances, and then you can quickly remove them from the site afterward.

The indoor manlift rentals include the advanced wheel-based and track-based atrium lifts. These are ideal for various sensitive indoor surfaces such as high walls, ceilings, and attics. You can find more formation is at the Innovative Reach, where you will get all the offers on cherry pickers that you require.

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