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Anyone in charge of maintenance at a museum, church, sports arena, or university, will be faced with the need for manlift rental services. This will likely be for performing some kind of maintenance on the ceiling, or walls high above normal heights. One way to go about painting, window cleaning, light-changing, electrical work, and other types of work would be to erect scaffolding which can allow workers to access those areas.

Often times you don’t always want to reach impossible heights with scaffolding. You just want to reach at specific heights safest way possible.

A better way would be to choose a manlift rental or a scissor lift rental.  Man lifts can easily and safely hoist workers to the desired height. Atrium Malifts can fit through small entrances and then quickly be removed from the site afterward. Innovative Reach in Cedar Rapids, Iowa specializes in manlift rentals. Our manlift rentals can help you  reach areas above ground at heights of 66′, 95′, and even 138′. 

A better and safer alternative to traditional scaffolding is atrium manlift rental service from Innovative Reach.

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Why consider a man lift rental or scissor lift rental instead of erecting scaffolding to do the job.

At Innovative Reach, our manlift rental service or boom lift rental service is more than dropping off the manlift. We won’t abandon you to figure everything out for yourself.

Renting any of our indoor lift units will also includes the services of an OSHA-trained ground operator to complete your project.

If needed, we can also train your employees on the proper operation of the lift, and how to get the most value from it.

One of the most commonly performed services with our lifts is the painting of interior walls and ceilings. The man lift rentals we offer can be called spider lifts, boom lifts, narrow lifts, compact lifts or crawler lifts.

Whatever they’re called though, their performance will allow you to reach areas that might otherwise be inaccessible, and you’ll be able to do it all in complete safety.

Our man lifts have been manufactured by ReachMaster one of the most renowned and reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Once you’ve worked with one of our atrium lifts, you’ll instantly recognize how superior they are to using scaffolding. First of all, there’s much less preparation work and takedown effort needed before and after the job. That makes man lifts simpler and much more efficient, which of course results in a faster operation for your company. 

Each of our machines is maintained in optimal condition, and is inspected by experts every year to ensure that the highest safety standards are adhered to. In addition to reaching areas which scaffolding simply cannot access, our man lifts can position your workers wherever they need to be in a stadium seating arena, inside a church, and even inside a delicate museum exhibit.

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We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions, and we can schedule a rental you might need for whatever kind of maintenance to be performed on your building or structure

We rent advanced wheel based vs track based Atrium lift which work very well indoors on a variety of sensitive surfaces.

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