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Why a Boom Lift Rental Is Ideal For Painting Work?

A boom lift is a great choice if you need to maneuver around objects. The long arms can be angled in many directions to access hard-to-reach places.

Boom lifts also known as man lift or cherry picker lifts have a platform attached to them at the top of the arm. This arm can carry a single person at hard to reach heights efficiently and safely.

To traditional scaffolding or rusty ladders, Boom lifts are much advanced, efficient, and safe. Because of their compact size and efficient build, boom lifts can easily fit through most standard doors.

You can take boom lifts for painting work inside the church, large arena, and such places.

Boom lifts provide much greater flexibility than other types of aerial equipment.

This is because it is supported by a hydraulic arm that can navigate around obstacles. Boom lifts can also reach higher elevations than scissor lifts but typically have a smaller work platform. 


Smaller work platforms can safely take a single person to difficult places and hard to reach heights. Just what is typically needed for painting and similar construction work. 


It offers a safer way to get work done at any elevation than a traditional ladder or man lift by providing a more accessible workspace at high heights. 


Although you still need to take all the safety precautions. Boom lifts can tip over if you are not following all OSHA-approved safety protocols.


Because of all of the above reasons, boom lift rental for painting is the most ideal solution. 

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What is a Boom Lift?

Boom lifts were originally known as giraffe lifts and then cherry pickers. The word “boom lift” comes from the machine’s similarity to an arm on the human body. The word “boom” refers to a variety of long beams that stretch outwards or at an angle.

A boom lift consists of a platform or bucket with a long arm that is connected to a grounded foundation. A hydraulic lift system controls the limb, allowing it to stretch out and upward to take people or materials to greater heights.

There are two main types of boom lifts: boom elevators with articulation and telescopic elevators. Telescopic boom lifts have straight arms, while articulating boom lifts have bending arms. Telescopic boom lifts can handle more weight, while an articulating boom lift’s bending capacity makes it easier to maneuver the bucket around obstacles.

What is the Boom Lift Used For?

Whenever you are working on a project where you require to work at elevated heights. A boom lift is a good bet for such projects.

For projects such as painting walls and ceilings, erecting scaffolding, lighting work, fruit picking on farms, hanging signs, etc. A boom lift provides increased stability, easy mobility, and higher capacity.

Boom lift offers improved safety for operators operating at heights and more excellent efficiency.

Choosing the Best Boom Lift Rental for Painting

When more height is needed than a forklift, boom lifts are the best option. They can have two-wheel or four-wheel drive and can be fitted with tires, treads, or road. They can be used outside or inside and are powered by petrol, gas, electricity, or a combination of the three.

Boom lifts are also available in different sizes, platform heights, and boom capabilities. Straight and articulating boom lifts are available in a variety of platform heights. Many lifts have self-leveling capabilities, allowing operators to quickly set them up and begin using them.

You can order the boom lift rental for painting work that is best suited for your project. If you are not sure what kind of lift is the best fit for you. You can always consult with us.

Typically we will ask you the following questions to assess what kind of boom lift rental is right for you.

  • What kind of movement are you looking for? 
  • What’s the maximum height you need to go? 
  • How many operators and how much stuff do you have to carry? 
  • What are the working conditions like on the job? 
  • What kind of power generation capacity do you have on-site? 
  • What are the job site and work area’s space constraints?
Boom lift rental for painting
Renting A Cherry Picker Man Lift

If you have questions about any of the boom lift rental provided by Innovative Reach, please fill out this form or call our office during regular business hours at (319) 900-5995

Innovative Reach rents Atrium Lifts (Boom Lift Rental, Manlift) which have unique technologies that fit through a standard 34″ door and reach heights up to 66′ or 95′ with a horizontal reach up to 30′ or 45′ respectively.

This rental service includes commercial applications, provides an OSHA-trained ground operator, and serves the entire continental United States. Ask about our Extended Reach Program to find out how you can save up to two-thirds on transportation costs.

Additional working heights are also available depending on customer requirements. 

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