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Performing work at an elevated position can be both dangerous and more difficult than doing the same thing on level ground. However, there are numerous situations which call for such work to be performed, so it’s kind of a necessary evil these days. 

When you need to work on something high above the ground, the safest and fastest way to get it done is by arranging for a cherry picker rental, or a single manlift rental. When you’re searching for a cherry picker rental near me, we hope you’ll find our company, Innovative Reach, at the top of your list.

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Cherry pickers are sometimes mounted on the backs of large trucks or flatbeds, and sometimes on paneled vans. Other types of cherry pickers can be mounted on self-moving platforms or standalone trailers. In some cases, the cherry picker will be outfitted with telescoping ability, so as to be able to reach the necessary height and position. 

The power for operating a cherry picker will either come from diesel or gasoline engines, or from electric batteries.

What types of work are cherry picker rentals best for?

There are all kinds of tasks that cherry pickers are ideal for, and they have been used in quite a few industries because of their unique capabilities. They are commonly found on construction sites, although they are also used frequently in warehouses to reach tall racks of goods. 

It’s very common to use cherry pickers for the installation or repair of lighting, heating units, and other mechanical components which are situated high above the ground.

They have been used to clean windows on tall buildings, and they have also been instrumental in having tall trees removed after the damage has occurred. Firemen routinely use cherry pickers to rescue people trapped in a burning building or to fight the fire itself. 

Cherry pickers are commonly used to service the millions of telephone poles installed around the country.

The name ‘cherry picker’ itself was derived from the original usage these machines were put to, which is to harvest fruit from orchards when ladders were simply inadequate or not safe enough. Tall buildings are very often cleaned and maintained by workers operating a cherry picker in an elevated position. 

There have even been some unusual and spectacular usages of cherry pickers in the past, and more will certainly happen in the future. For instance, some dramatic rescues have been carried out to help people trapped in a high elevation, such as on a roller coaster.

They have even been used to illuminate the sets of movies and other events that require additional lighting, where the lighting must be suspended from a significant height. In short, any situation which calls for some kind of task to be performed at a considerable distance above ground might ideally be resolved by using a cherry picker.

Cherry Picker Rental
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Where can you rent a cherry picker?

If you have a need that can best be handled by a cherry picker, the company to contact is Innovative Reach of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

We have been operating since 2003 and during that time we have established a reputation as a premier company for providing lift devices to assist with various tasks. We may or may not show up in the search results for cherry picker near me, but we can still provide you with the equipment you need.

We have equipment which can routinely reach heights of 66 ft. or 95 ft. and if need be, we can even provide you with a lift that will reach 138 ft. When you rent from us, you’ll automatically get an OSHA-trained operator, which is a requirement for all such lifts. 

By renting from us, you’ll also be able to avoid all the time and effort needed to construct and dis-assemble scaffolding, which isn’t nearly as versatile as a lift would be anyway.

From any angle you look at it, it just makes great sense to pursue a cherry picker rental from Innovative Reach to get the job done..


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