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TS66 Reach Master Owned in the family, used only 414 hours. Two-person basket (440 lbs) while carrying weight to 6,000.

manlifts for sale

Pre-Owned Man Lifts For Sale

TS66 ReachMaster

Offered by Innovative Reach, Inc.

manlifts for sale


  • Vertical work height 66’ 
  • Horizontal reach 30’+
  • 10’ jib (stowed) on top
  • Width (stowed) 32”
  • Fits through a standard 34” door
  • Height (stowed) 80”
  • Length (stowed) 20’
  • Weight 6,000 lbs
  • Usable on a commercial floor (100 lb/sqft)
  • Basket load 440 lbs
  • Two-person basket
  • Three settings for each outrigger
  • Battery-powered with 110v 15 amps continuous charge
  • Self-Propelled
  • Currently certified and certified since 2004
  • Very low hours
  • Owned in the family since manufactured in 1997
  • Contact us for Cost Information**

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Often times you don’t always want to reach impossible heights with scaffolding. You just want to reach at specific heights safest way possible. Man lifts can easily and safely hoist workers to the desired height. Take the opportunity TS66 ReachMaster – Certified and owned in the family. ​


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