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Founded in 2003, Innovative Reach, Inc. is a small business located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that has been a leader in atrium and man lift rentals throughout America.

Our fleet includes two ReachMaster spider lifts that can allow a reach up to 66 feet, one ReachMaster Falcon lift allows a reach up to 95 feet, and the ability to acquire a lift reach up to 138 feet. For more information about each Atrium Man lift Rental, click 66′ or 95′.

We are a simpler and more efficient option than traditional scaffolding, and we get the job done in a fraction of the time! Each lift comes with an OSHA-trained ground operator so you never have to worry about learning complex controls. Each of our lifts are re-calibrated and certified every year by a ReachMaster technician, ensuring our machines are always up to the highest safety standards.

With the unique design of our lifts, we can get into tight spaces with minimal intrusion to daily operations. Scaffolding requires long and tedious setups, costing more and taking more time to get the job done. Our atrium lifts not only reach areas that scaffolding can’t, but we are able to position the outriggers within stadium seating, church pews, and even museum exhibits so there is very little (if any) disassembly.

Call us at 319-573-3488 now so we can tell you which of our Atrium Man Lift Rental is the best option for your project, or fill out a form and we will respond as soon as possible!

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