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Are you searching for a manlift rental near me?

If you are searching for a manlift rental service, Innovative Reach can help.
No matter what kind of project you are working on, we have you covered.

Contact us and we will let you know the best man lift suitable for your project. We’ve been providing manlift rental services since 2003.

We provide the following manlift rental services.

Indoor Manlifts

  • 66′ Atrium Manlift
  • 95′ Atrium Manlift
  • Boom Lift Rental
  • Cherry Picker Rental
  • Scissor Lift Rental

Why consider InnovativeReach for manlift rental near me?

Safe manlifts with advanced technology :

Indoor Manlift also is known as a cherry picker, boom lift or atrium manlifts are better and safer than traditional scaffolding.
Whether you need a manlift for a painting project, or maintenance at a museum, church, sports arena, or university.

You will need to reach specific heights safely. For that, you need just the right kind of manlift equipment.

The equipment must be safe. You should be able to take it to your desired location safely.

Our man lifts have been manufactured by ReachMaster. It is one of the most renowned and reputable manufacturers in the industry. Our man lifts use advanced technology to safely take you to unreachable heights.

Full support and help from InnovativeReach:

We won’t just drop off the manlift and leave you at it. We will not abandon you after dropping off manlift to figure out everything yourself.

With our manlift rental service, you will also get OSHA trained ground operators to assist you in operating manlifts. They will train you and help you to complete your project efficiently.
If your project requires us to train your employees, we will also help you to train your staff for the proper operation of the lift. We will train them to get the most value from atrium manlift rental.

Where to rent a manlift rental near me?

There’s a better and safer alternative to traditional scaffolding. It is an atrium manlift rental service from Innovative Reach.

Contact us now to find out which of our lifts is the best for your project!

What is a Manlift?
Spider Lift Rental

The man lift rentals we provide are often called spider lifts, boom lifts, narrow lifts, compact lifts, or crawler lifts.

No matter what are they called though, their advanced technology will help you to reach heights which may rather be inaccessible. You will be able to do it completely safe. You ought to search for the best manlift rental near me.
Call us at Call Us: 319-573-3488 or fill out a form at

Describe your project and your requirements.

We will provide you a 100% free consultation to help you choose the best manlift rental near me.

Our fleet includes 66′ Atrium Manlift as well as 95′ Atrium Manlift. If you need, extra working heights of 105’, 121’, and 138’ Atrium Manlift Rentals are also available.

If you need more information check out our portfolio of past projects on our website here.

We will pick the best lift for the job at the most competitive manlift rental service price.

Renting a manlift from InnovativeReach doesn’t simply provide you a solution to your project. You get a business partner that you can trust.

A commitment to quality

We believe in creating a longstanding relationship with our customers based on trust. 100% satisfaction to our customers is our commitment and company policy.

Whether it’s painting gable ends at a sports arena, painting an outdoor courtyard, or anything in between. We will fully assist you in your endeavor to make it a resounding success. We will help you add to your facility’s aesthetic and impress visitors.

Looking for a wheel-based atrium manlift rental near me?

Or may a track based manlift rental near me? Look no further you’ve just arrived at the right place. Contact us now to find out which of our manlift rentals is the best for your project!

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