For different purposes, atrium lifts are used to present their users with an elevated working platform at a height. These are mainly used in construction work, roof painting, tree trimming, etc. You can read in detail about the common uses of atrium lifts here. Atrium lifts are one of the two most common types of industrial lifts.

Industrial lifts are work platforms that are suitable for working at great heights. Atrium lifts are especially ideal when space is limited at great heights. These lifts are a much safer and efficient alternative to traditional scaffolding. 

Atrium lifts can reach higher overhead areas than other lifts. Atrium lifts are ideal for indoor projects because of their compact size. In circumstances that require access in confined spaces, atrium lifts are suitable for use. Their small size helps them to pass into tiny spaces and allows workers to operate in places that are high and difficult to access.

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Atrium Lift

The design of the atrium lift base usually includes extendable legs to stabilize the lift. Because of the design of its base, atrium lifts are also called spider lifts. These atrium/spider lifts can be employed in both indoor and outdoor projects. Their compact size and design of their base also make them very stable and safe. Because of its relatively advanced and safe technology, companies and contractors prefer atrium lifts over traditional scaffolding.

Because of their compact size and lightweight nature, atrium lifts can fit through standard doorways. Atrium lifts are soft on floors and lawns. Their weight and height make it convenient for a tractor or tilt-back truck to carry them. Atrium lifts are manufactured in a way that they can be easily transportable. Their base is designed to be adaptable on uneven surfaces. Most atrium lifts have a Z or S-type articulated knuckle boom.

Atrium lifts come in different types of platform height and horizontal outreach. You can rent an atrium lift depending on your work requirements. The atrium lift rental services are often called a single man lift rental. If it’s an indoor project, make sure the lift you are renting can fit through your building door. Platform height of 60 feet and horizontal outreach of 30 feet is ideal for most of the projects. However, if your requirements are extreme, you can rent from a 95’ manlift rental to atrium lifts up to 138 feet working height.  

If you are renting an atrium lift for transportation of material through it, make sure the lift you are renting can handle the maximum basket load of your material.  

Atrium Lift

How to operate an atrium lift?

To operate atrium lifts safely and avoid serious workplace accidents, all employees who work with or from atrium lifts are legally required to complete OSHA-approved operator certification and safety training classes. Do not worry though. When you rent an atrium lift from InnovativeReach, We will provide you OSHA-approved operator-certified person on site along with a lift.

How high can an atrium lift go?

It is common to find atrium lifts of 66 feet and 95 feet working heights. Most projects can be completed with 66 feet working heights but atrium lifts can go as far as 138 feet working height. We offer atrium manlift rentals in 66 feet and 95 feet working heights. Additional working heights of 105’, 121’, and 138’ Atrium Manlifts available upon request. Contact us to find out which of our atrium manlift rentals are the best for your project. 

Although these lifts are generally used in construction projects. They have a plethora of possible creative applications. In place of carrying step ladders and bulky extension ladders or using traditional scaffolding. These lifts can be a more ideal, safer, and efficient alternative. 

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