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Founded in 2003, Innovative Reach, Inc. is a small business located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that has been a leader in atrium and man lift rentals throughout America.

How Cherry Picker Rental Started

For years, the best way for commercial companies to build and fix things high in the rafters, or the on the roofs of their buildings was to use giant ladders, or scaffolds. Naturally, there were quite a few risks with this process like, falling to sudden death or serious injury.

In 1944, a cherry farmer said, “there has to be a better way,” and from that thought came the invention of the cherry picker lift, or man lift. The invention created a safer way to literally pick cherries. Today, cherry pickers have evolved to be so much more. 

Why do you need cherry picker?

Cherry pickers are electric machines that have the power to lift a person hundreds of feet in the air, in a platform with guard rails all around.

How is this better? Well think about being on a ladder and painting, you are having to balance, there is nothing around you, and there is a tiny space to keep supplies for you to work with. Now think of the comfort of being lifted in a man lift, you are now enclosed in an industrial basket shaped space protecting you from falling, you have the freedom to use both your hands easily, and you have a lot more space to keep supplies near you. Using a cherry picker rental is hands down the best and most safe way to get these difficult jobs done.

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How can I go about renting a cherry picker?

Remember that cherry pickers are industrial machines that require costly maintenance and storage, so renting a cherry picker is going to be your best bet.

Think about your project and identify where the cherry picker will be used and how. Reach out to an authorized rental facility like Innovative Reach and ask what types of cherry picker rentals they have, and how high they can reach. Most cherry pickers can reach 66ft or 95ft, although there are some that can reach 138ft. 

The benefits of using a cherry picker are bountiful, they are safer than traditional ladders and scaffolding, they are far more efficient as well. Once a section of the project is complete, the cherry picker is simply moved over to the next space, saving you time and energy in the progression on your project.

The cherry picker is also much more versatile, as it can be adjusted to reach many different heights. It is not a stagnate piece of machinery, but instead an active part of the project. If you are still unsure as to whether a cherry picker rental is right for you, check out this article, “12 Reasons to Rent a Cherry Picker” on Innovative Reach’s webpage.

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How to pick the best choice?

Have a good resource of information is important when you are considering renting a large machine like a cherry picker or man lift. 

Here at Innovative Reach we are proud on our plethora of knowledge, our helpful staff that can help educate you on what would work best. 

Making an informed and educated decision about your manlift rental is easy when you have access to a variety of educational videos and informative articles found here on our Innovative Reach website.

Renting a Cherry Picker

We have written dozens of articles to help you find out:

One of the best things about using a reliable company like Innovative Reach for your cherry picker or man lift rental is that we will provide you with an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) trained and certified operator for your rental. I’ll bet you forgot about that right? 

Most planners are so focused on the larger project, sometimes details like “who is driving this thing?” can fall to the wayside. Luckily for you, Innovative Reach has that covered! Now you can rest assured that the person who is “driving” your cherry picker is knowledgeable and professional. 

This will allow you to focus on the quality of work that is being done and the progression of your project, while the logistics are taken care of. Innovative Reach also has flexible rental times, you can rent for a full day or a half-day depending on the magnitude of the project. Who doesn’t like having options right?

Where to rent a cherry picker?

Now at this point you might be thinking to yourself, “I definitely need a cherry picker rental or man lift for my commercial project.” You might also be thinking, “Now what? Where should I go to rent a cherry picker lift?” I am sure by now you have noticed the company named, Innovative Reach throughout this article.

 Innovative Reach is based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and they have man lifts for rent. Their website is easy to access and the information they provide there is invaluable to any new or experienced contractor looking for man lifts for rent. Innovative Reach’s website includes a convenient webshop where customers can look at pre-owned lifts that are for sale. 

You can also look at the type of rentals available and see all the specifics about them. The site also provides pictures of past projects, and pictures of the different spaces and ways the machines have been used, so you can get more ideas on how to effectively maximize your rental time. 

Cherry pickers or manlifts are versatile and can be rolled into many different buildings and spaces. Innovative Reach can provide the machinery you need for basically any project, indoors or outdoors, and nothing beats having that certified operator included in your rental. These machines should be at the top of your list, when it comes to large projects, and Innovative Reach should absolutely be one of the first calls you make to get your cherry picker rental started.

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