boom lifts for rent near me

Best Boom Lifts for Rent Near Me

What Is a Boom Lift?

Safety, comfortability, and access to far heights are vital considerations when working at heights. A boom lift is a perfect platform for lifting bulky items and reaching high places. It offers different movements capacities than most other typically used lifts. A boom lift is composed of numerous long beams which outstretch at an angle. The machine has a similar appearance to a human’s arm. It stretches outwards, thus allowing you to access far heights to work comfortably. Most people usually use boom lifts in construction and utility applications.

If you ever wondered, “How can I get boom lifts for rent near me?” then we are the solution. We offer atrium lifts, boom lifts, and numerous man lifts rental services.

What Types of Boom Lifts Are Available?

Innovative Reach has multiple boom lifts, atrium, and man lift rentals that perform various tasks. They can either be on a vehicle or drive trains, thus self-contained. Some boom lifts may also have stabilizing legs that firmly secure the equipment on the ground. Telehandlers are unique telescopic boom lifts with a complete vehicle design based on the drive trains and wheels.

Some common types of boom lifts include:

  1. Articulating Boom Lift- Has numerous Knuckles (joints) on the boom sections. It gives users maximum length enabling them to reach distant locations. Articulating boom lifts can either be vertical or horizontal. It works best in both a congested and free work area

  2. Telescoping Boom Lift- A telescope boom lift has a mast that extends from the bottom hoist in a straight line. It is suitable when working in an open area with vast room to roam around

  3. Self-Driven Boom Lift- These boom lifts have a raised platform with wheels that enable movement. A person then remotely controls the machine to perform the task. Self-driven boom lifts are lightweight and are very effective in performing their job regardless of the terrain. Their power source can either be a rechargeable battery, fuel, or a combination of both

  4. A towable Boom Lift is a lift that can move from one place to another. Towable boom lifts usually have wheels like cars that facilitate easy and quick movement. The wheels provide you with the freedom to move within your workplace at ease

Boom lifts come in different shapes and sizes, with each purpose and ability. Their height ranges from20 feet to 200 feet. Many considerations are factored in when deciding on the type of boom lift to rent. Mainly the working area within which the machine will operate. Is it inside or outside? Flexibility is also a key consideration when moving between large obstacles since some booms are tweakable to your requirements. You should also factor in whether you want it to go vertically or horizontally and the reach length. Learn more about which kindsare best for painting here.

Choosing the correct equipment is vital in completing a complex task. That is why our experts are always readily available to help you choose the right boom lift. We will also advise you on the best way to tackle your problem. After selecting the boom lift, we promptly bring it to your location within your specified time. Please send a message through our website or contact us at (319) 573 3488 or (319) 294 9170. We have an office at 5505 Twin Knolls Dr in Cedar Rapids, IA 52411 that readily helps anyone who might wonder where to find boom lifts for rent near me.

Boom Lift Adoption is Growing

Boom lifts have become very popular both nationally and globally. They are tailor-made to access indoor and outdoor high-up places that may be difficult to access. As a result, boom lifts have become the first outreach platform of choice in various industries. The technological equipment combines stability, strength, and ability to reach high places, significantly contributing to their popularity. Using a boom lift overcomes many challenges that would have been more costly to tackle manually.

boom lifts for rent near me

Benefits of Renting a Boom Lift

1. Cost Efficiency

Boom lifts are very costly, and they may not be within a buyer’s or industrialist’s budget. It is better to rent than buy because you are not likely to use a boom lift frequently. Also, man lifts for rent ensures that you have the right boom lift with each job. The cost of man lifts for rent depends on the duration, distance, and size of work to be done. Rest assured that Innovative Research is customer-friendly, and we will charge you fairly to rent a boom lift. We offer our services at relatively lower prices than most of our competitors. 

The cheap rental charges you incur will enable you to get high-profit margins on your investment, especially if you rent them for business purposes. As a result, renting a boom lift is undoubtedly the ideal option for everyone.

2. Maintenance and Servicing costs

Boom lifts are firm machines made up of solid metals. It is improbable that a boom lift breaks down during every day work or storage. However, our company is solely responsible for any maintenance and servicing costs. Therefore, people who rent a boom lift from Innovative Research don’t have to worry about paying for maintenance or servicing costs: We have you covered. You only have to contact us if an instrument or any of its parts breaks down after you have rented it. Our team will, in turn, promptly respond, and we will immediately make the necessary repairs. However, you need not worry about machine breakdowns. We only use top-notch equipment and ensure that they are carefully stored free from any harm. Besides, we properly service our boom lifts before delivering them to our customers. It is therefore rare and near impossible that our boom lifts break down. We also regularly update our catalog of lifts to the most recent and high-standard machines.

3. We offer expert advice

Our rental company is reliable because we have our team of experts ready to help you. Our professionals have extensive experience with the operation of boom lifts. The knowledge comes in handy when offering guidance and advice to our customers. Each lift comes with a certified ground operator, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out complicated controls. They also assist customers in selecting the right equipment and help them properly use the equipment before, during, and after the task. You can also train yourself some basic skills of using a boom lift via platforms like OSHA. Basic training like the safe operation of the equipment is also essential if you want a seamless process.

4. Time-Saving

Boom lifts enable quicker access to high places than other options. It makes work easier, faster and you do not have to use maximum effort. Hence, you will accomplish any task with a minimum amount of energy. Furthermore, Innovative Research takes care of the delivery and collection of our boom lifts. After contacting us, we quickly respond to your needs and dispatch a team to bring you the machine. We understand customers’ frustration when they want to reach high places, but they cannot. The process takes the shortest time possible, depending on your location. You also need not worry about returning it since we will come back to pick it up after you have finished using it. That means that your staff will not be disturbed and they will have adequate time to complete a task.

5. Various Boom Lift Options

Innovative Reach has a vast, comprehensive catalog of Boom lifts. Each model has its specifications depending on the purpose it serves. Before renting a boom lift, it is essential to know the work needed because each model has a different function. The machines have varying power and application options that distinguish them from each other. Examples of separating features include lightweight models, AC and battery-powered models. Our versatility assures you of getting the machine of your choice regardless of the task. Additionally, if you have difficulty choosing a particular device, our team will help you. We will give you expert advice while selecting these models to help novice users avoid selecting the wrong type of boom lift.

6. Adaptation to Different Situations

Boom lifts have a long-outstretched arm-like structure that performs different activities. The machine can adapt to suit your needs depending on the task at hand. There are also many boom lifts for performing various tasks, increasing the chances of finding the appropriate equipment. You will likely find just the right atriums lifts, boom lift, and man rental lifts at Innovative Reach.

7. Perfect height for the job at hand

Boom lift models are of different heights that are perfect for various jobs. The availability of boom lifts with greater height saves cost and makes the work less tedious. Some of the types of jobs that require these bomb lifts include;

  • Used by electrical and telephone employees to reach the power lines
  • Used in warehouses, construction sites, and window cleaning
  • To place seats in stadiums, church pews, and art displays in museums
  • Fruit picking from tall trees

8. Boom Lifts Are Lightweight

Advancement in technology has contributed to the further development of boom lifts. A significant amount of weight was reduced in the development of boom lifts, making them much lighter. Being lightweight makes the performance of boom lifts more effective. They are pretty easy to move. Hence customers can archive their goals at faster speeds. A quick machine reduces the rental time, which is cost-effective since you pay less money. Nowadays, boom lifts weigh nearly half what they used to weigh previously. That is why you can use these machines indoors without harming the décor and floors.

In case you may wonder and on how you can find boom lifts for rent near me? The answer is quite simple.

Contact us through [email protected] or call (319) 573 3488 or 319 294 9170. We are always eager to respond to our customers, and you are guaranteed a professional experience.

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