When to Consider a Painting Lift Rental

When to Consider a Painting Lift Rental

Painting is a time-consuming process. Professional painters endeavor to give high-quality services on the job site, requiring high-quality equipment. Consider utilizing a different sort of aerial platform or lift instead of scaffolding – a painting lift rental like a scissor lift, telescopic boom lift, or articulating boom lift can make things easier.

Is it possible for painters to rent a manlift?

Painters frequently rent man lifts. Painters work on various projects, including interior painting, exterior painting, and industrial painting. Many of these jobs include painting big walls or a high vantage point. For these jobs to be completed safely, man lifts may be required.

What is the needed minimum height for the painting?

If you’re operating at the height of 36 feet, you might want to consider a lift with a 45-foot platform height. This extra space allows the operator to be more flexible with height requirements, allowing them to move up or down as necessary.

What is the best type of man lift for painters?

There is no definitive answer to which man lift is better for painters. It all depends on personal preference and the unique requirements of each project.

Articulating Boom Lifts for Painters

For all forms of painting, the articulating boom lift is the go-to equipment rental. The machine’s height spans from 30 to 150 feet. The arm’s base is attached to a turntable, which allows the platform to rotate 360 degrees. This equipment is popular among painters since it is simple to operate, rotates, and can be hired in several height ranges, allowing access to difficult-to-reach areas.


Straight Boom Lifts for Painters

Straight boom lifts are similar to articulating boom lifts in that they can be used for any painting. A straight boom lift differs from an articulating boom lift because there is no turntable, making rotations more difficult.

Painters who operate at higher elevations prefer a straight boom lift. With a reach of up to 180 feet, this is the go-to boom for painters who need to paint high-rise structures but don’t need the extra height provided by an articulating boom lift.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Rough terrain scissor lifts vary from boom lifts in that they cannot spin. Scissor lifts are only capable of going up and down. This machine only reaches a height of 36 to 60 feet.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are designed to work on the incomplete or unfinished ground such as dirt, grass, gravel, or sand. They’re great for painting operations that take place outside or on uneven ground and require stabilizers. Painters working on new construction zones where the painting is required, but the land is not fully developed prefer the rough terrain scissor lift.

Electric Scissor Lift

Like a rough terrain scissor lift, an electric scissor lift travels up and down and does not allow for any rotation. Because of its lack of traction, electric scissor lifts are only suitable for interior use. This machine’s height varies from 19 to 46 feet, making it ideal for painting the interiors of stores, warehouses, residences, hotel lobbies, malls, and other interior spaces.

Man Lift and Aerial Lift Rentals for Painters

Painting could take forever, especially in large areas. Consider a painting lift rental to make the operation as simple as possible. Because of the simplicity of operation, you’ll be able to work faster, safer, and more productively. Stop climbing ladders and scaffolding and start painting more efficiently.

Painting Lift Rental From Innovative Reach Inc.

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