Raising the Awareness of Manlift Safety

Raising the Awareness of Manlift Safety

Over a decade, manlifts have become common on construction projects and industrial maintenance applications. That’s no surprise because the devices provide an easy way to put workers close to what needs to be done. It is on a fairly stable platform. That means workers can perform tasks in great comfort and safety than being perched on top of scaffolding and ladders.

However, manlifts are only safe when used properly like any other tool. For that reason, they elevate workers above floor or ground level, accidents caused by improper use that can lead to serious fatalities and injuries. These cause both the workers on the manlift and anyone unlucky enough to be standing below.

Raising the Awareness of Manlift Safety | Innovative Reach

What are the Basic Safety Tips of a Manlift?

Manlifts are an important component of the proper deployment and completion of construction projects. However, given the scale, structure, and size of this type of equipment, they can also pose substantial risks. It also can cause serious injury if safety measures are not followed. 

  • Keep a circumference and a clear base. 

Always make sure that the entire circumference and base of the man lift are clear of any personnel when it is in use. The circumference of the lift is often crucial, and tools can easily fall from the platform. For that reason, it can seriously hurt anyone who may be standing below the lift. Furthermore, keeping the entire area clear minimizes the risk of anyone being hit below by objects that may fall.

  • Hire a Trained Lift Operators in your Company

Hiring properly trained employees to operate manlifts can maintain knowledge and safety certifications. It can help keep your employees when operating a lift. Moreover, testing new hires with a hands-on demonstration with their operational knowledge of the lift can help detect potential problems and solutions.

  •  Wear a Harness

A simple but essential safety measure is by wearing a harness. It will ensure the lanyard is fully secured to the bucket. While it seems unlikely that an operator will fall out of the platform, even the slightest bump from the other piece of equipment can make an operator off-balance. That means it will put them at risk of falling. Furthermore, even a strong gust of wind could knock them down and cause serious injury.

  • Don’t Go Over the Weight Limit.

Each man lift has a specific weight capacity. It is essential to adhere and identify to these restrictions. Going over this limit could potentially cause it to tip over and make the lift top-heavy. One should always weigh for the operator’s weight on the lift, including all materials and tools on the platform. It will ensure that the combined weight exceeds the recommended capacity before operating the lift. Always remember not to use the man lift for lifting heavy supplies.

  • Don’t Sit or Climb on Outer Edges

When on the platform of a man lift, it’s easy to be inclined to climb on the edge of the area to reach something. However, this is more dangerous than many others’ realization. Sitting or climbing on the platform’s edge can increase the chances of falling off the platform. If something isn’t accessible, communicate with an operator to help get to a safe position where you can easily reach what is needed.

By always following operational safety tips, educating your team with man lift safety training can successfully avoid accidents. It will enhance work productivity on your industrial construction job site.

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