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The Best One Man Lift Rental for Your Project

The beauty of technology is the range of options it has to offer. Whether you are building, repairing, or merely rebranding your building, you will require scaffolding services or the more improved version of a one-man lift. Years back, on January 9th in 1969, an American industrialist and inventor, John L. Grove, rallied a few individuals around a big idea and invented the aerial work platform — a safer way to work with and around heights. However, prior to Grove’s initial model, a business called Selma Manlift released one in 1966.

Manlifts include several moving elements that aid in the completion of tasks. The base is stabilized on any terrain thanks to the retractable outrigger legs plus the driving tracks. The vertical extension and rotation motions are controlled by the platform control station. They are ideal for reaching spaces that would otherwise be beyond reach. Not to scare you or anything, but we think the chances of accidents increases when using scaffolding vis-à-vis a one-man lift. This is generally due to its assembly.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure. It is created on the outside of the building being worked on. Composed mainly of metal poles or wooden planks, workers use them while cleaning, building, or repairing a building. When using scaffolding, workers will have to simultaneously balance their tools while at the same time ensuring their safety — something that can sometimes become an arduous task depending on the number of tools required for the job. In addition to this, scaffolding can be quite limiting when it comes to interior renovations due to their structure. They would require assembly over large spaces and interrupt the day-to-day running of the building.

On the contrary, a one-man lift is an electrical vertical lift used to raise a single worker along with materials and equipment for general institutional and commercial maintenance. There are also compact designs available that allow units to be moved into small hallways and through normal entrances, allowing work to be carried out both on the exterior and interior of a building. They are also referred to as spider lifts due to their leg or base structure. The main advantage with these is that they do not interrupt much with daily activities and works can be easily carried out. 

Achievable Heights & Measurements

While a one-man lift is extremely pricey to acquire, there are organizations that specialize in one-man lift rental services of these machines, such as ours, Innovative Reach. Here, we provide you with unique technologies that are adjustable and flexible to pass through a standard-sized door of 34”. Our one-man lifts have a horizontal reach of up to 45 feet for those one-man lifts that reach heights of up to 95 feet and a horizontal scope of up to 30 feet for those reaching heights of up to 66 feet.

These atrium man lifts have the ability to achieve a 138-foot lift, allowing us to reach even your most challenging spots. An Atrium Lift offers exceptional reach in regions with restricted or tight access. They have a compact, lightweight form that makes them easy to handle in small locations. When fully retracted, larger versions will fit through a door opening of 40″W x 80″H, while most other versions will fit through a 32″W x 80″H doorway.

With the meticulous annual inspection that our machines go through each year, we are confident that we provide you with the best and safest manlifts in the market. This is a humble guarantee that we will offer you the best services ever and transform your building in the shortest time possible. Plus, our manlifts are not just limited to heights of 66 feet and 95 feet, we can also provide additional working heights of up to 105 feet, 121 feet, and 138 feet — all with guaranteed safety and able to reach even the most unexpected areas.

Available Colors

While the key purpose of one-man lifts for rent is getting the job done, aesthetic value is also important for you to appreciate while your job gets done. We offer ours in white or yellowish-orange color, appealing colors to the eyes.

Proper Uses

Our one man lift rental has plentiful uses. Whether you desire to uplift your building by repainting it or carrying out other renovations — both internal and external, or perhaps your intention is to paint the roof or trim overgrown trees, or anything else in between, we offer a more efficient and safer alternative to the traditional scaffolding units.

Furthermore, with the 370° turret rotation and the 180° basket rotation capabilities, the atrium one man lift is bound to ensure your job gets done in the shortest time possible. You can find some of our past projects here to help you better understand our scope of work.

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What Happens When Man Lifts for Rent Are Not the Best Option For You?

Perhaps you are engaged in more long-term projects, and a one man lift rental does not seem to be the ideal option for you because of the long-term costs. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing your man lifts to minimize expenses in the long run. At Innovative Reach, we’ve got you covered with pre-owned man lifts for sale for great prices and in good condition. Additionally, you can view our YouTube Channel for more information. 

We have machines that have been owned in the family and have only clocked a few hours. Usable on any commercial floor, it’ll easily fit through a 34” standard-sized door. One man lifts give you the peace of mind that you won’t get from scaffolding when exploring impossible heights. With a stowed height of 80” and a weight load capacity of 6,000 lbs., you can conveniently have up to two individuals in the basket, minimizing on the workman hours involved in an entire project.

Benefits of Renting a Man Lift Over Buying

There are several advantages of buying a man lift as opposed to buying. These include:

  • Various Options: It gives customers the option of selecting from a wide selection of machines that allow them to utilize various types of lifts that are appropriate for their job activity. This implies that you do not have to use only one specific machine for several tasks.
  • Enhanced Safety: A Man Lift is considerably superior to a scaffold, especially when the right safety equipment is used. Man Lifts can raise a person to varied heights, often higher than what a scaffold can give.
  • Cost-Effective: Factoring in maintenance and purchase costs, it is cost-effective to hire than it is to purchase. Because the equipment doesn’t have to be maintained or stored, you save time on servicing, maintenance, and repair.
  • Ease of Use: A man lift can rotate and extend while you are in the air. In contrast, scaffolding or a ladder will limit you to a specific area of use at any given time.
  • Increased Efficiency: Using a one man lift reduces the chance of strain that comes with using a ladder or scaffolding, increasing the worker’s efficiency, hence saving time and money. Moving ladders around are time-consuming, risky, and energy draining. You will have better input from your workers when using a man lift.
  • Higher Reach: While ladders and scaffolding can be quite limiting in terms of reach, most lifts will attain a height of at least 40 feet, allowing you to go higher and carry out your construction, repair, or renovation works with ease.

One Man Lift Rental Could Be a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Upcomming Project

When you opt to use Innovative Reach for your Atrium man Lift rentals, rest assured that we provide OSHA-trained ground operators who’ll help meet all your commercial application needs. Plus, partnering with us ensures that you save up to 66% of your transportation costs, giving you more value for your money than you will find elsewhere in the industry. For a quotation, contact us today on telephone 319-573-3488 or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit us at 5505 Twin Knolls Drive, Cedar Rapids, IA 52411.

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