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Introduction to Man Lift Rentals

Main lifts are specially designed equipment for tasks such as painting, lifting heavy materials, and indoor maintenance on walls and ceilings high above the ground. 

This equipment is designed to ensure the safety of workers and items inside the building and simplify the whole process. If you need to do a paint job on your ceiling or wall at incredible heights, a man lift for rent is your best choice since it is designed to reach areas that would normally be out of reach. 

Man lifts have retractable joints or legs and extended necks to allow access to high areas or aerial spaces both indoors and outdoors. The man lifts can be deployed in several activities, including installing lights on ceilings, cleaning windows, painting, and electrical work in very tall buildings. 

Why You Need to Get Man Lift Rental Services?

Although you may have the money to purchase the man lifts, it is recommended that you rent them from the companies offering these services. This is because the equipment is quite expensive and requires trained personnel to operate and maintain.

 It would be a risk for you to try to operate the man lifts if you are not trained to use them. Additionally, man lifts are quite bulky and require special storage spaces that you may not have in your home or apartment.

In most cases, you will not need to maintain your ceilings, windows, and other high height areas in your home, and this means that man lift rentals will be more suitable than buying the equipment.

The best thing about renting man lifts is that the company has highly trained and experienced experts who will operate the lifts and ensure that the equipment is in good condition. 

Furthermore, the company is compliant with industry rules and regulations concerning using this equipment to ensure safety and quality. We also ensure that our man lifts are inspected and regularly recalibrate by experts from relevant regulatory bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Man Lift Rentals

If you are looking for a cherry picker or lifting services, you may be asking yourself this question; Is there a man lift rental near me? 

Before you choose a man lift rental near me, here are some answers to common questions about man lifts that will help you choose the best lifts.

If you don’t find the answer you have been looking for, contact us! 

Types of Man Lifts

1. Atrium Man Lifts

Atrium man lifts are both lightweight and compact lifts designed to work in narrow and high height areas. The compact design is deployed to ensure that the atrium lift can easily go through standard doorways and other confined spaces so that you can access hard-to-reach areas. 

Since the atrium lift is lightweight, it can be transported using ordinary trucks and tractors from one place to another. Atrium man lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor projects such as tree trimming, painting your roofs and ceilings, and other construction work.

The atrium lift features a large base enhanced through extendable legs to increase stability which means that you are safe when on the lift. The base of the atrium man lift is also made more stable through special designs that allow for increased stability even on unstable and surfaces.

There are different varieties of the atrium man lifts depending on the particular kind of task you are undertaking and the height of the building. Some atrium man lifts can reach up to 66 feet upwards and 30 feet horizontally. Some have a vertical reach of 95 and 138 feet to suit higher heights. The operator is carried on a specially designed lift with features for more stability and safety to work comfortably without worrying about their safety.

2. Indoor Man Lifts

Indoor man lifts are much smaller than the atrium man lifts, and they are designed to be used in relatively low heights, such as inside a house. They can accommodate one worker, which is why they are also referred to as single man lifts. 

They come with a working platform where the worker and the needed equipment can be mounted and raised to desired heights. The working platform is designed for comfort, stability, and flexibility, allowing for better usage. You can choose an indoor man lift that suits your individual needs as there are many types of these man lifts.

3. Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are designed to lift several individuals and their equipment from the ground to surfaces high above the ground. This type of man lift for rent is suitable for outdoor construction work that requires raising heavy materials over long distances vertically. The boom lifts can be attached to trucks and other vehicles used in construction to make it easier to lift heavy loads overhead. A boom lift is significantly larger than both the atrium lift and the indoor man lift or single man lift. The lift has several components, including the base, the boom itself, and the jib arm, which extends the boom. The boom refers to the structure resembling an arm that connects the base and platform for carrying the workers and their equipment. Boom lifts have a high vertical reach and horizontal reach and the ability to rotate at all angles.

There are generally two types of boom lifts: The telescopic of straight arm boom lifts and the articulating boom lifts. The telescopic boom lifts have a straight arm capable of stretching out to reach the required heights. These lifts can only be extended, but they cannot be bent, making them suitable for outdoor or open space use.

The articulating boom lifts encompass several arms that can be adjusted accordingly to move horizontally and vertically. An articulating boom lift is a good choice for areas with obstacles or tight spaces since it can be controlled to move in different directions.

Things to Know Before Renting a Man Lift

Since there are many types of man lifts, you must know the things that will influence your choice of man lifts for rent.

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The working height. If you need lifting services to repair or paint the ceilings, you must consider how far from the ground the roof or ceiling is. If the roof or ceiling is too high, you should choose an atrium man lift since it can reach incredible heights. You may choose the indoor man lift for average heights as it is best suited for the purpose.

Lift weight. It would be best to consider the weight of the materials or the load to be lifted by the man lift. Heavy loads would be better suited by the boom lifts and the atrium lifts, while light materials are suited for indoor lifts.
The number of workers. You should choose a man lift based on the number of workers that you need to work on the particular part of your building. Some lifts can only accommodate one worker, while others can accommodate multiple individuals at the same time.

Where the work is being done. Choose a man lift according to the specific location of work which could either be outdoors or indoors. A telescopic boom lift may not be suitable for indoor use, while an articulating boom lift is suitable for this purpose. Additionally, the amount of available space in the building should be considered because some man lifts may not be operated safely in confined spaces.

The terrain of the workspace and the type of floor. Some man lifts, such as the atrium lift, are designed to increase stability even on uneven grounds, making them suitable for such surfaces. You should also choose the man lift based on the particular type of material used to cover your floors because the lifts have wheels made of various materials. Choosing the right one will prevent any damages to your floors.

Man Lift Rentals From Innovative Reach Inc.

When you need to renovate your building, especially in incredibly high areas, you may consider man lifts for rent from reputable service providers. Innovative Reach Inc. is a man lift rental service provider in the United States that provides a wide range of man lifts to interested customers in several States. The company has different types of man lifts, including atrium man lifts, indoor man lifts, and boom lifts designed to handle various lifting tasks. The man lifts will prove important to you when working in notable buildings such as churches, museums, theatres, and sports arenas since they can be used to access high heights. Innovative Reach is your best choice when you are wondering if there is man lift rental near me because the company offers a wide range of options for you to choose from based on your requirements.

Innovative Reach also has a web shop where you can view the available options for the man lifts and contact the company for any question. The company hires individuals who have lots of experience operating the lifts, and all of them are certified by the relevant authorities in this industry. Visit the company’s website to view the man lifts for rent and interact with the professional and a caring customer service team.

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