What is a Manlift?

What is a Manlift?

For short, aerial work platforms, or AWPs, are lightweight, movable manlift work platforms that can elevate one or two people. Most commonly used for overhead maintenance work, cleaning, and hanging signs or decorations, they are the cheapest and most basic staff lifts.

A manlift is a customized aerial work platform (AWP) designed to lift a person and their equipment safely on both indoor and outdoor work sites. They differ from other aerial lifts, such as boom lifts, size, appearance, and purpose. It is are also known as man lifts, personal lifts, and personnel lifts, among other names in the business. Self-propelled, push-around, and belt-driven man lifts are the three types of man lifts available. They’re all different sizes and specialties.

It might not be easy to distinguish between the various varieties of man lifts. They all have the same functions, yet they’re employed for different purposes. The many varieties of man lift and the characteristics they provide, and when they should be used are listed below.

  • Self-Propelled

The smallest of the group is the self-propelled man lift. With the compact lift, one person and a set of tools can be lifted 15 to 20 feet in the air. Because of its small, it is easier to maneuver into narrow passageways.

Man lifts that are self-propelled can reach higher heights than ladders, but they are more stable on the ground. Working on small-scale indoor tasks that require a minor height increase is easy with the collapsible frame.

  • Push-Around

The self-propelled man lifts are slightly larger than the push-around manlifts. They may reach heights of 15 to 50 feet, allowing a single person and their tools to fit between rafters or around an HVAC unit in tight spaces. Photographers can use the push-around man lift to gain a bird’s-eye view of the crowd.

Thanks to the collapsible frame and hydraulic wheels, one or two persons may easily navigate the lift through doorways and down hallways. Push-around manlifts include retractable outrigger legs that balance the base and avoid tipping due to their light frame (200-to-400-pound weight capability) and vertical Reach.

  • Manlifts in the Atrium (Belt)

The largest in the series is the atrium man lift, also known as a compact crawler lift. For outside worksites, the heavy-duty lift is the ideal option. The atrium can safely sit on uneven ground, including dirt, sand, and mud, thanks to its retractable legs and tank-like drive tracks.

The expanded neck can rotate 360 degrees and reach over 34 feet. Trees and electricity lines can be maneuvered around by using the jib joint. Some atrium lift is battery-powered, while others run on gasoline or diesel.

What Is the Price of a Manlift Rental?

The cost of renting a manlift varies based on how many hours, days, weeks, or months you need it. It ranges from $100 to $200 per day, $200 to $900 per week, and $500 to $2,000 per month, respectively. This isn’t a complete list but rather a rough indication of what to expect.

When renting construction equipment, keep in mind the project’s size, the type of lift needed, and the time frame for which it will be used. Include the expense of fuel in your budget. An electrical socket can run indoor lifts like a self-propelled manlift. An atrium, for example, is an outdoor manlift that can work on both batteries and gasoline.

How to Choose a Manlift

It’s critical to understand the project, workplace, and height required to perform a job before purchasing a manlift. Does your project take place inside or outside? – Self-prop manlifts, for example, are only suitable for inside use, whereas atrium manlifts are suitable for outdoor use.

Innovative Reach offers Manlift Rentals.

A manlift rental or a scissor lift rental might be a preferable option. Workers can be safely lifted to the desired height using man lifts. After fitting through narrow doors, Atrium lifts can be rapidly removed from the site. Manlift Rentals are a specialty of Innovative Reach in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

You might have any questions about manlift rentals that you’d want to have addressed by one of our helpful and professional staff members. Please feel free to call us at (319) 900-5995 if you have any questions about a project you’re interested in.

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